TRAVIS - VOCALS, GOOFY HATS: Travis, a founding member of the seminal 80's band, Rude Dog, is the glue that holds Joe's Band together. Well, not really but I promised I'd say something nice about him. He is generally very punctual for practice and can work a crowd like an old school big tent revival minister. I'm sorry, but that's not my idea of a "weirdo".

LYNN - DRUMS: The new guy. Having survived the rigorous hazing process, and then deciding not to press charges, Lynn is now a full-fledged member. His ability to duplicate intricate drum patterns after only one listen will ensure him a place in the Joe's Band legend.

MIKE L.- GUITAR: Mike can tune a guitar in minutes flat. Rumor has it, he hasn't changed the strings on his Rickenbacker in 10 years. It's Mike's no holds barred, don't take no for an answer approach to booking that has landed us in such exotic locales as, Chaumont, Lyme, Watertown and Depauville, NY. The summer of 2000 should see us expand beyond that to Cape Vincent, Henderson Harbor and Istanbul.

MIKE G. - GUITAR: Mike began studying music in 1963 at the Chicago Conservatory. He stayed until 1969 when he headed back east to attend the massive Woodstock Music and Arts Fest where he was wowed by the likes of Sha-Na-Na and Country Joe and the Fish. The 70's saw him playing with The Groove Bananas and Electric Milkshake. Mike's where-abouts in the 80's are unaccounted for. He has spent the last 5 years telling Joe, "This is the last gig I'm gonna do".

JOE - BASS, VOCALS: The self-proclaimed leader, Joe is the kind of guy your parents curse at you for not being like. Tall, handsome and a great dental plan. It is believed Joe has honed his bottom heavy bass stylings by listening to old Van Halen records. He can usually be seen in between sets asking people if his bass is loud enough or if anyone knows what chord "Dead Flowers" ends on.