Fortunately, or unfortunately but you're the one that surfed here, the new technology now allows us to reach out to an even wider audience. What does that mean? Well, not much really but it does mean that now Deider Ucthen in Germany and Ng Hok Wau in Shanghi and, yes, even Inga Svenchensen in Sweden can now tune in and find out all the latest antics of the newest boy-band phenomenon known simply as; Joe's Band.

Local Drummer Says "Ouch"

Lynn "Milk Sticks" Maloney, legendary drummer of Joe's Band, suffered a broken ankle over Easter vacation in what is being called one of the worst accidents since he parked his bike in that pine tree after the French Festival.

Tragedy struck when an attempt to show off his skateboarding skills to his nieces turned into one of the longest, fastest rolls in the drummer's career. It's a classic case of "trying to play with the big girls" according to Patty, his part-time girlfriend who was filming the incident. "He's just lucky the girls hid their pogo stick from him and their bicycles were still in winter storage".

Review of the video clearly shows one of the puffy balls on the back of his right sock getting tangled in a wheel causing the skateboard to stop abruptly. After viewing the video Mr. Maloney's orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rosenrusen, determined he would have walked away if he landed on his head.

While Dr. Rusenrosen was able to repair the ankle with some titanium pins and silly string he was unable to reattach the ball. "When the ball was torn away it left a hole in the sock that was just too large", said Dr Rosinrusin. "Any reconstruction attempt would have left the ball hanging dangerously low". "I don't think that's a risk Mr. Maloney wants to live with".

"The only other option would have been to remove the ball from the other sock", added Mr. Maloney". "I'm gonna miss those socks".

Show Review 6/24/00 Mick's Place Watertown, NY

The band showed up Sat evening not at all rested and all somewhat slightly hung over, with Travis experiencing some sort of "flu" that he claimed had nothing to do with the graduation party the band played the night before.

"I didn't drink that much, really." Really? Anyway, after a few beers and some random obscenities shouted into the mic he began to feel better and the band was well on its way. Several songs into the first set we noticed that the audience was reacting with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for people about to get an enema. Eventually buzzes kicked, dancing began and the place was rockin'.

The most interesting part of the evening, besides Mike ordering shots and putting them on the bands tab, I guess dollar drinks applies to beer ONLY, was when the band was approached by a guy who looked like the last album he bought was AC/DC's "Back in Black" .... on vinyl, and asked if they could play something he could "dance to sitting down".

The band was also joined by Joe's Band alumni Dan Gotham who sat in on djembe and added a whole new depth to the band, people likened it to when Loverboy added a second guitarist for their 1983 "Get Lucky" World Tour. Thanks Dan, and stop back anytime!